In the keygraph panel, the Math tab permits to create a new animation curve based on standard mathematical functions, with the added capabilities to use the current time as a parameter, and also the values of other animation curves at a certain time. 

In addition to floating point numbers, the supported parameters in the expressions are:

= Frame number.

Cb or Clipboard:  Permits to use other animation curves in the calculations.  To load curves in the clipboard select one or more parameters (hold Shift key to add more curves to a multiple selection) and then press Copy (Ctrl+C) to load the curves in the clipboard. Once they are loaded  you can use Cb(selection number, time) , where selection number starts in 0.  For example, Cb(2, 2*t) will get the value of the third animation curve from the clipboard at two times the current frame number. 

Basic mathematical operators:  ( ) + -  / *

A to the power of B:  A^B

Modulus:  a % B

Mathematical functions: pi (constant), sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), atan2(), exp(), log(), log10(), sqr(), sqrt(), abs(), rand(), round(), trunc(), min(), max().

In the formulas the usage of spaces to separate the terms is optional. But math functions require their opening parenthesis inmediately  (for example, "sin(t)" is correct, while "sin (t)" is not correct).

Some usage examples are provided in the  Example menu. 

Note: The calculations are made when you press the Evaluate button and translated to new keyframe values. Changing a curve after using it in an evaluation will not trigger a new calculation.