These are the most frequent crash reports received  from Mistika clients 

1 - If Mistika crashes at startup for unknown reasons , first thing to check is the GPU driver version. Upgrade it or at least  check that it is not  older than the Mistika version and the GPU model

2 - If MistikaBoutique (Windows or Mac) crashes at startup (and it is not a license issue or GPU driver issue ) then it could be related with the pre-existence of OFX plugins. Mistika requires an additional confiuration step for OFX support. Please check this article:

3 - For Apple computers running  Mistika version 8.8.6 and later:  Only Apple computers with hardware from  "late 2013" or newer are supported. Older Apple computers will crash  You can check your hardware build in the Apple icon -> "About my Mac"

4 - If the crash depends on the complexity of the timeline, use the system monitor to check that you are not running out of RAM. 

5 - Thermal issues and insufficient PSU power are also known to crash the application. These kind of problems may only affect very intensive applications like Mistika, so not having problems with other software is not enough to discard these causes (in fact it is the opposite).  Specially if you have upgraded your GPU recently (sometimes the new one could be  too much for the old PSU and fans)