The "SDL" (Stereo3D decision list)  is an open standard to include basic Stero3D metadata in an EDL file, including metadata for horizonal translation of  both eyes (HIT) and floating windows  (FW Left Edge", "FW Right Edge")

It permits certain collaboration between different Stereo3D applications, although it is pretty limited in its capabilities (it is not compatible with more advanced Stereo3D transformations).

In Mistika Ultima,  the SDL  metadata is stored in the Stereo3D node.  Those parameters are at the bottom of the parameter list and are called "FW Left Edge", "FW Right Edge" and "HIT".  

If you import an SDL during conform, it imports the metadata to these parameters.  When you export an EDL with SDL data, it exports only these parameters (it ignores any other parameters of the Stereo3D node).

Please note that SDL workflows are limited, they only cover basic metadata and they do not cover many of the capabilities of the Mistika Stereo3D node.  In particular there are multiple parameters in the Stereo3D node that can do the same thing.  Specially, the automatic correction tools (Match Geometry, etc.) affect more paramters than possible in a  SDL, so they will not populate valid SDL parameters to describe what they do. However, the SDL workflow is still appropriated when what is wanted is just to pass SDL metadata from / to other applications and use it in Mistika.