Problem: "Audio output is not working"

- Check that you have enabled enough channels in Mistika->Audio->Setup.


- If oyu have an SDI video board check that mConfig->MasterFormats->Motherboard_audio is not active (or activate it if you don't have it)

-  If the audio comes from an VTR capture, check that you had enabled mConfig>MasterFormats->SDI Embedded audio (if you wanted to capture audio through this path).

- An important aspect is to isolate the problem in one of the IO sides: As in the previous example, if you don't get  audio output the problem may come from the input (Mistika not getting audio In), so first thing is to clarify this aspect. A good test is this:  

Put the clip in the timeline, open the Audio panel and press play in an area that is supposed to have audio. The timeline Vumeters should start moving.(the number of vumeters are activated in the Edit->Setup menu, make sure that you have activated at least one per expected channel)

If the Vumeters don’t move, then the clip has been imported or captured without audio,  and that is what needs to be investigated. But if the Vumeters move, then the audio is being sent out of the Mistika application to the audio hardware, and the problem is most probably in the next external device  (or the video board could be broken, but that would be extremely rare).

- Both DVS and AJA boards provide AES digital audio only, if you are using analog speakers you will either need an Aja breakoutbox or an external  converter, for example a converter from SDI embedded to analog audio.

 Problem: "I can hear audio, but there are glitches or it sounds wrong"

- Check that Mistika->Audio->Setup->Defeat audio is deactivated.  Activating this button will switch off all the audio processing engine, including necessary micro-fades between adjacent clips, sampling rate conversion, etc.   The only purpose of this button is to support Dolby AES pass-trough, which requires that no audio modifications are ever made.  But in general, the audio defeat button should always remain deactivated

- Test with any other audio file that you can trust, to isolate if the problem depends on the audio file or elsehere. For example, some movie files use audio codecs that are not supported or only very poorly.