In the Output options you will find a Name Convention system featuring Tokens to automatically create dynamic names based on the metadata and project settings. 

Within the Video and Audio Setup windows, you will find the following options:

These tokens can be easily added by using square brackets [example]. 

Upon typing the opening bracket, a dropdown menu showcasing all available tokens will appear, allowing you to select or input your desired token.

When you start typing your chosen token in the Name Convention, the search engine will automatically recognize and filter out the most relevant tags. For example: if you write “[R” the dropdown menu will show: range, renderName, resolution, resolution X, resolution Y and review.

Some important aspects to keep in mind in the 10.8 version 

1) The initial element of the Name must always be a Token. For example, to name a render as TEST_[resolution], ensure "TEST" is entered in the Render Name window, and then add the Token [renderName] in the Render options.


2) When using media in Sequence format (DPX, EXR, PNG, TIFF, etc.) it is very important to add the frame token, to ensure proper sequencing without overwriting frames. 

Altough the padding option is initially hidden, it can be edited. To add padding in sequential image rendering, include [frame{padding=7}] within the Name Convention.


  1. Most of the token information will be extracted from the camera's metadata.