In some cases (if you experience unknown errors with no aparent reason) you may want to perform a clean reinstallation of the Mistika software without reinstalling the operating system.  

When reinstalling the software it will try to re-utilize some setting files from previous versions, so that upgrade processes do not require manual reconfiguration. But in case of problems it could be that those previous files are related with it, so this is a procedure to remove all of them before the reinstallation.  With this method the settings folders are not lost but simply renamed, so that the installer will not find them but you can still access later to recover configuration settings or to compare for diagnostics.

This document explains how to do it on Linux. In a console, as mistika user:


mv "SGO Apps" "SGO Apps.old"

mv "SGO AppData" "SGO AppData.old"

mv ".sgoMistika" ".sgoMistika.old"


Now as root user stop the license server:


killall -9 sgoLicenseServer.bin

If you also want to remove the license:

mv /var/flexlm /var/felxlm.old


Note that the projects and media folders are not modified, as they contain user data and are not really part of the software. But take it into account if you want to revert to a completely clean system.

You can also remove the Mistika icons from the desktop or change the wallpaper to your likes. But they are not expected to affect the reinstallation.

The .bashrc file also contains some path definitions and commands to prepare the linux terminal for Mistika usage. but in general those commands do not need to be modified. However you may want to remove those commands if you do not plan to use Mistika anymore on that system.

Now you can reinstall the software as usual.

As a reference, this document explains what are the affected folders and files in more detail: