The license that allows the use of Tangent Arc panels with Mistika Boutique or Mistika Ultima is assigned to the computer where it will be used.

To activate it, the Tangent Arc panels must be connected by USB to the computer.

In the Tangent tab of Mistika Setup, check the Use USB surfaces and Use Synapse / Arc boxes.

Open the Tangent Mapper application (in Linux it will be in /opt/Tangent/bin/TangentMapper) and access the menu File, Install Arc Panel License.

Select the license file provided by the vendor.

These licenses may be of trial type and may require further action to make them work in normal mode. To do this, you must enter an unlock code provided by the vendor.

First, download the most appropriate utility:


Tangent Toolbox for Windows

Tangent Toolbox for macOS


Then follow this procedure:


1.                   Extract and run the toolbox.

2.                   Click on the Arc icon.

3.                   Click on the Unlock Trial tab.

4.                   Connect your Arc panels to the computer.

5.                   Enter one of the Unlock Codes.

6.                   The utility should report the Panel Type and also the Status as Connected.

7.                   Click Unlock.

8.                   Power cycle the panel. It should no longer report trial mode.

9.                   Return to step 5 and enter the next Unlock Code.

The same Toolbox application is used to update panel firmware.

If the panel is in Firmware Update mode, it will not be possible to unlock the unit.