We have detected a couple issues with the installation of Mistika Ultima v10.2:

1.- Mistika Ultima v10.2 needs to use a newer AJA driver version (v16) than previous verisons (v15), so when installing, the driver gets also updated automatically. But if the user needs to go back to v 10.1 or 8.11 the video output will not work, because the v16 driver is not compatible with older versions.

2.- During the installation of Mistika Ultima 10.2 there's a point where we try to install OBS. In older os versions that installation will fail due to some library incompatibilities. In newer Centos versions OBS installs properly.

Proposed workaround:

We have prepared a .run script that will create two desktop icons to downgrade and upgrade the AJA driver as needed by the version of Mistika to use (v15 for versions 10.1 or 8.11 and v16 for 10.2). The provided script needs to be run as root. You can download it from here:


If for whatever reason the script doesn't provide the mentioned workaround, please contact SGO support as your system might have some unexpected characteristics and require manual intervention.