The Element Tangent panels are a multi-purposing work station, a fully featured panel that is compact, and stylish. In order to make the most of Mistika Boutique, the mapping for these panels consist of three Bt units, one Tk, one Kb, and one Mf unit. Mistika's mapping is well known for being fast, reliable and fully featured. The distribution is well thought for the user experience and proved to be crucial for time-consuming projects. However, it's common to find a set up for Tangent Element panels with only four tangent panels: one Bt, one Kb, on Tk, and one Mf, as you can see in the following picture: 

The main disadvantage of having four units instead of six is the lack of the two Bt panels that are specially dedicated for the Histories and the Printer Steps, as well as the different special features for each of the Color Modes of the Color Grade effect. Therefore, we have designed a mapping for the basic 4 Element Tangent Panels, which can be found attached in this article.

To import it, you have to open the Tangent Mapper software, and then go to File > Manage Control Maps. Then, click on Import and select the XML file attached. Then you can select it when working with Mistika Boutique.

The biggest changes in comparison with the 6 Element mapping, are in the Mf panel, which has been modified in order to compensate for the lack of the other Bt panels. 

Bear in mind this is mapping is developed for Mistika Boutique 10.1, if you use it in the previous versions, it will not work properly.

Unfortunately, when having four Tangent panels, Mistika Boutique does not recognize properly the different Bt units. What we recommend is that the Bt panel is dedicated to navigation between the different Color Modes. To set it up properly, you need to do the following:

1. Close the Tangent Mapper Software and Mistika Boutique.

2. Open Mistika Mconfig and write the serial number on the Bt-1 tab. Then, save and exit the application.

3. Open Tangent Synapse app. 

4. Click on Configure

5.  Click on "+" and then on "Element-Bt".

6. Repeat that operation one more time, and click on apply.

7. Now, even though you have only 4 panels, Mistika will understand there are supposed to be 6 and will understand the Bt unit as the one dedicated for the navigation. 

Now, when launching Mistika your Bt unit will be dedicated to the navigation.

If there are any technical issues, please, contact the support portal at and let us know about the issue. We'll attend to your case as soon as possible.