OFX is an open standard for 3rd party plugins. Mistika support OFX plugins such as Sapphire, Boris, Neat video, etc.

Please note than 3rd party plugins are sold, licensed, and supported by their own manufacturers, not by SGO. If a particular OFX plugin does not officially support Mistika it may fail in this application, and the support for it needs to be implemented by the plugin manufacturer.

First check in the plugin documentation which Mistika version is compatible with it (or ask your OFX plugin provider).  Some OFX plugins work with all Mistika versions, but not all. For example, if the date of the plugin is very recent compared with the date of the Mistika version you may need the previous version of the plugin until there is a new Mistika version available

Once installed (just follow the instructions of the OFX plugin manufacturer), a new tab for it should appear at the left menu of the FX panel in Mistika, just under the "Mistika" tab. 

If it does not appear in there then you will need to add an entry for it in the Mistika OFX configuration file, which is named OFXConfig.xml :

Windows: C:\Users\MY_USER_NAME\SGO AppData\Mistika\config/OFXConfig.xml  

Mac: /Users/MY_USER_NAME/SGO AppData/Mistika/config/OFXConfig.xml

Linux:  $HOME/SGO AppData/Mistika/config/OFXConfig.xml

In that file, add an entry like this (similar to the others):

 <!-- My unlisted plugin  -->