Mistika technology is well-optimized for the use of tablets such as the Wacom's brand. This being one of the main reasons why the interface is so motley so that everything is in sight at all times and accessible through a simple click with the pencil without entering submenus. Once the knowledge of the position of each tool is acquired and the operator gets used to the pen, the workflow gets much more fluid. Another great advantage of the pen tablet is also avoiding potential injuries caused by excessive usage of the mouse. 

For those reasons a Wacom tablet is recommended, although it is a personal choice for operators.

Mistika Gestures

Users will find several elements of the software that can be taken advantaged by the use of the pencil, such as the use of printer lights, the keyer in the color grade effect and the pressure sensitivity, which is a significant improvement for the Paint interface.

One of the main advantages is the use of gesture commands. They are subtle and fast movements that are made with the pencil by just drawing a shape on the Timeline. The shape has to be drawn slightly above the tablet, without touching it, while pressing the middle button of the pen. They function as keyboard shortcuts for effects and editing actions. These are all the gestures currently available in Mistika: 

Recommended Configuration

Therefore the recommended configuration for the pen tablet is the following:

  • The tip of the pen configured as "Click".
  • The first button of the pen, located closer to the tip of the pen, configured as "Central Click".
  • The second button, located further to the tip of the pen, configured as "Right Click". 
  • The sensitivity of the pen tip should remain in the middle points. The firmest or the softest values can make some tools such as the Clone fore in the Vector paint not work properly, forcing the user to press really hard if the firmest value has been set up.