This document is a following procedure that shows the steps to follow in order to make Tangent control panels work properly in Mistika Boutique. Currently,  all tangent control panels are supported, with additional features such as self mapping capabilities working with the Tangent Mapping software. These are the models available:

  • Arc: the most cutting edge control panel, aimed for high-end users at the color grading industry. There’s almost one button for each functionality in Mistika Ultima and Boutique. 

  • Element: a multi-purposing work station, a fully featured panel that is compact, fully featured and stylish. In order to take the most of Mistika Boutique, the mapping for this panels consist of two BT units, one KT, one Kb and one Mf unit.


  •  Wave and Wave2: now with the Wave2 new mapping, the updated version with more control quality that bridges the gap between the Ripple and the Element panels. Currently, the mapping is not built in Mistika Boutique latest version, however, in the end of this article you will find how to import the mapping.                    

  • Ripple: the most affordable control panel. Designed for the occasional colourist, editor, and student. Ripple provides the essential 3 trackerballs that speed up primary grading.


  • Element VS: the element-Vs is a fully featured set of Element panels in the form of a tablet app. The virtual versions of each of the Element panels have exactly the same controls and layouts as the real thing so you won't be missing any features. There’s an explanatory video online that explains  how to setup the Tangent Element - VS app with Mistika Boutique, the app is free for 1 hour a day while you learn how the panels work.



First of all, go to Tangent official page and install their driver and tangent mapper software for your operative system. Go to applications, type Mistika and select Mistika Boutique. Select the panel you own. Now go to Application Support. Select your application and finally download the TangentHub installer for your system.  Now you can install the Tangent Mapper, this software will connect the tangent panel to Mistika and it will also allow you to customize your own mapping, which will be explained in detail later.

Now, be sure that none of your softwares capable of color grading with Tangent color panels have on their set up preferences the possibility of using them because, that may cause some conflicts between the softwares. 

Then, open Mistika Config Tool, go to Tangent window and activate the one you are using for example, arc tangent: 

In case you are using the panel control with usb interfaces, be sure that parameter is also checked: 

Besides, if you are using the Element panels,  in case Mistika does not detect them, you will need to write the serial number in each of the units, like in this screenshot:

Click "Ok" and you can exit the Mistika Set Up window.  Afterwards, open Mistika Boutique. By now, they should be activated and ready to go. However, in case they are not working,  please do the following instructions:

  1. If the software doesn't recognize the tangent color control panel open Tangent Mapper.  Go to File>New Control Map. If “mistika” does not appear below “Select an application”, open the scroll bar and click on “Add new application”. You have 10 seconds to select the Mistika Boutique icon on your desktop. Now, Tangent Mapper should recognize mistika.

  2. Finally, go to FIle > Manage Control Maps. Check if mistika if selected as the main application. Below, click on “Default Controls” and click on “Select”.  

After following these steps, any tangent control panel should be ready to work with Mistika Boutique’s mapping. 

If you want to personalize your own mapping or you need to import the Wave2 mapping, it is explained below. 


We have dramatically improved the organization of the functionalities in Mistika to allow the remapping using the Tangent Mapper app. This is not yet integrated into the current builds, because we still need to organize the Stereo3D FX and add more functionality in our library to offer you more flexibility when remapping the panels. Everything related to Colour, Memories, Color Histories, Shapes, Keyers, Framing, etc is now much better organize for remapping the panels.

We will include this as soon as we finished what we consider the basic library of functionalities.

For now, you can install the current version manually (please, make a Backup of the replaced files).

1) Download the attached file and extract it.

2) Copy the controls.xml file in MISTIKA-ENV/config/sys-Element

3) Copy the tangent-map.xml in MISTIKA-ENV/shared/users and in MISTIKA-ENV/shared/users/*your user*. If you only want to have the latest files for remapping your panels, you can finish the procedure here.

4) For those that wants the mapping for the Wave 2, copy the mistika folder in the attached file in the Tangent/Hub folder of your OS. This folder is a bit hidden if you haven't selected its location in the Tangent Mapper App. For example, by default in Windows is in C:\Users\*your_user*\AppData\Local\Tangent\Hub. You can define this folder in the Tangent Mapper application.

5) Restart Mistika in case it was running all this time to see the changes.

With this procedure, now you should be able to enter in the Tangent Mapper and see a virtual version of the mapping as long as you have a panel connected and a Mistika running. From there you can just click on one of the buttons and you can assign a functionality, which now should be organized in categories. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please use this topic for that. This is not yet a released feature so is much better to not use the support system for this kind of issues until this change is part of the current builds. 

Thanks for your support and enjoy mistika!