If Boutique crashes directly with no reason  (if you do not see a license error dialog), then these are the most probable reasons:

Mistika Boutique v8.10 crashes after doing an upgrade to a newer Open Beta version.  

The upgrades to some beta versions of Mistika Boutique v8.10 (betas from 7th August 2019 to 13th August 2019 ) may fail to install all the neccesary files during the upgrades. This is due to library files from a previous version still loaded preventing the new installer to do the upgrade properly.  This problem will be fixed for the final 8.10 version, but meanwhile you will need to follow this procedure:

1 Uninstall the previous version

2 Reboot the system

3 Install the new beta.

Crashes due to a previous installation of OFX plugins 


Affected platforms: Windows and Mac


How to receive Bug Warning notifications: 

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