In general the functionality of both products is pretty similar, but they are important aspects to consider:

Mistika Boutique is a sofware-only product based on monthly (or yearly) subscription payments. It is designed to run on client hardware and using client storage infrastructure.

Mistika Ultima is a turnkey solution including a Mistika workstation, Mistika Storage,  Mistika Software, and Mistika optimised third party software for high performance storage access, also with high speed connectivity options for multiple systems.  Mistika Ultima configurations are designed by SGO for the specific workflows of each client, also providing a realtime warranty for the agreed formats and integral support for the whole solution. 

Note: Mistika Boutique is currently in development ("Beta" stage ). Limitations in functionality or speed are not documented yet. We plan to update this document as we progress...

Other differences:

OS support:  

Mistika Ultima: Linux CentOS (installed with Mistika specialised  iso)

Mistika Boutique:  Windows 10  (currently in beta state).  Mac OSX (High Sierra and Mojave )

MultiGPU, Totem, BatchManager

MultiGPU is only supported on Mistika Ultima, trough the Totem & BatchManager tools. These tools are linux only and are not planned to be supported on other platforms.

Realtime capabilities for uncompressed formats and Mistika effects

Mistika Ultima provides warranted realtime capabilities up to 8K 60p 10bit uncompressed, depending on the configuration. The SGO provided workstations, storage, and connectivity are extremely optimized for Mistika performance and deeply tested in terms of stability, being specially ideal for client attended sessions.  Thanks to all this optimisations Mistika Ultima is faster than Mistika Boutique in general, but the exact differences will depend on each client hardware.

Mistika Boutique does not come with a realtime warranty, but it is expected to work in realtime up to 4K 60p if the client provides a fast enough configuration.

 In any case the Mistika Boutique software is agnostic about the brands of the components, so if it is given a fast & stable configuration for other applications then Mistika should also behave fast and stable on it.

The same can be said both about compressed and uncompressed formats, although the speed differences between both products are expected to be more noticeable with uncompressed formats. In general Mistika Boutique should work particularly well with compressed formats, but it is not limited to those.


Mistika Ultima is a global solution and the support will cover all aspects of the infrastructure, also including storage issues, realtime  performance issues, connectivity issues, operating system issues, etc. Also including on site visits from SGO engineers and operators as specified by each contract.

Mistika Boutique support only covers the operational issues of the Mistika software, not any issues related with the performance and stability of the client hardware, operating system issues, storage issues, and neither connectivity issues between systems.

Image format limitations

Our objective is to fully support all formats in all platforms. However this is not always possible for all codecs, these are the current limitations:

- Arri raw: Boutique on Windows  only support Mistika debayering for this format. All other platforms also support the Arri official SDK.

- NVidia hardware encoder (h264, h265/HEVC):  Apple  does not support NVidia hardware encoder. These formats are currently available for Linux and  Windows products.