In general the software functionality of Mistika Ultima and Mistika Boutique products is pretty similar in all platforms. But there are important aspects to consider, mainly related with hardware support and codecs:

Mistika Boutique is a software-only product based on a pay-per-use subscription. It is available for Windows and macOS and it is designed to run on client hardware. Basically it is the same application as Mistika Ultima, but software only.

Mistika Ultima is a turnkey solution including a Mistika workstation, Mistika Storage, and high performance  connectivity  solutions for sharing the storage at high speeds  (up to realtime 8K uncompressed for multiple systems).  Mistika Ultima configurations are designed by SGO for the specific workflow of each client, also providing a realtime warranty for the agreed formats and integral support for the whole solution. It's specialities are client attended sessions and complex  productions using multiple systems in parallel.  

Notes:  Both Mistika Boutique and Mistika Ultima have similar optional modules that are specified in the SGO Shop. This   document is not about optional features but about the technical differences of each platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Platform differences:

OS support:  

Mistika Ultima: Linux CentOS 7.8 (installed with Mistika specialised  iso)

Mistika Boutique on Windows:  Windows 10 and Windows 11 

Mistika Boutique on macOS:  Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra and Mojave 

MultiGPU, Totem, Ultima BatchManager, Version Manager

Those features are.only available on Mistka Ultima (Linux)

MultiGPU is only supported on Mistika Ultima, trough the Totem & BatchManager tools (also Linux only)

Totem (multi-GPU cluster rendering) and Ultima BatchManager (render manager for render farm control)  are linux only and are not planned to be supported on other platforms.

However,  since version 8.10 Mistika Boutique supports the submission of render jobs to external render managers (like Uberware Smedge and others, similar to what was already available in Mistika VR). This capability may provide a good alternative for batch render management  for the case of Windows and Mac (Smedge is free of cost for the first computer).  Also, if you have two GPUs you may launch Mistika Boutique in one of them and Smedge in the other one, so each one using a different GPU.

Version Manager: On Linux it is possible to have multiple Mistika versions installed in a same system at the same time, and then switch to a particular version at user request. (this is not possible on Mac and Windows)

Realtime capabilities for uncompressed formats and Mistika effects

Mistika Ultima provides warranted realtime playbacks up to 8K 60p 10bit uncompressed, depending on the configuration. The SGO provided workstations, storage, and connectivity are extremely optimized for Mistika performance and deeply tested in terms of stability. 

Thanks to all these optimisations Mistika Ultima is faster than Mistika Boutique in general, but the exact differences will depend on each client hardware.

Mistika Boutique does not come with a realtime warranty, but it is known to work in realtime up to 4K 60p uncompressed  if the client provides a fast enough configuration. 

In any case the Mistika Boutique software is agnostic about the brands of the storage components, so if it is given a fast & stable configuration for other applications then Mistika should also behave fast and stable on it.

The same can be said both about compressed and uncompressed formats, although the speed differences between both products are expected to be more noticeable with uncompressed formats.  Mistika Ultima hardware is specialized in uncompressed workflows, while Mistika Boutique should work particularly well with compressed formats, but it is not limited to those.


Mistika Ultima is a global solution and the support will cover all aspects of the infrastructure, also including storage issues, realtime  performance issues, connectivity issues, operating system issues, etc. Also including on site visits from our engineers and operators as specified by each contract.

Mistika Boutique support only covers the operational issues of the Mistika software, not any issues related with the performance and stability of the client hardware, operating system issues, storage issues, and neither connectivity issues between systems.

Image format limitations and  encoders.

Our objective is to fully support all formats in all platforms. However this is not always possible for all codecs, these are the current limitations:

- NVidia hardware encoder/decoder  (h264, h265/HEVC encoding and RED R3D Cudanew decoder):  At the date of this document Apple  does not support NVidia hardware encoder (nvenc) & decoder (nvdec ). For this reason the NVidia hardware encoders for h264/h265 and hardware decoder for R3D are currently available on Linux and  Windows only. 

- Maximum image size:  Mistika is an opengl application and it does not have a resolution limitation in itself, but each GPU and each operating system can have its own limitations. At the date of this document: 

Linux and Windows:  High end NVidia boards have a practical resolution limit of 32K x 16K

macOS:  The current limit is  16K x 8K.  (As per the Apple official OpenGL Capabilities Tables.  For further updates search for MAX_RECTANGLE_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXT on that tables).

Video boards:

Windows and Mac versions support Aja and Blackmagic videoboards.  Linux versions support Aja and DVS video boards.

8K Video IO

Mistika Ultima supports 8K 60p video modes using Aja KONA 5 boards (uncompressed playback and video capture at 8K 60p 10bit, trough 4 x SDI 12G signals).  

For the case of 8K TVs,  converters from Quad SDI to HDMI 2.1 are also available as an option for Mistika Ultima.

 8K SDI modes are not supported on Mistika Boutique (although it is planned as a future development).

Mistika QOS & QOS Play / Stop

The QOS capability permits to prioritize storage access to realtime systems while they are doing a playback, and when no playback is active in any realtime system then unrestricted access is provided to all systems. This QOS Play/Stop a capability of Mistika Ultima on Mistika Storage, but Mistika Boutique systems can also have a fixed reserved bandwidth when used in a Mistika Storage infrastructure.

Color panels:

Since Mistika 8.10, all platforms support Tangent color panels.  

In addition, Digital Vision Precision panel is supported on Windows and Linux..


Windows and Linux: Single or dual CPUs,  Intel or AMD (all 64bit models).

Mac:  Intel single CPU 64bit. (all Mac models from 2013 wih Intel CPUs are supported. While M1 / M2 / M3 CPUs are not supported yet.  Support for these new CPUs is work in progress, they may work in some cases but they can be unstable in others, so they are not recommended for Mistika products just yet).