Mass import: Drag & drop the main folder containing all the media files in as many subfolders as needed, and the material will be organized automatically into clips. Also an import dialog will open where you can optionally specify the camera preset for your camera rig, and it will be applied automatically to each shot, 

Multipart import: During mass import, clips incoming split into multiple parts due to the file size limit of the SSD cards will be automatically placed as consecutive stacks for most file organizations.

1) when importing the folder MistikaVR will ask for the "number of cameras". Set this value to the number of cameras in your camera rig. That way, MistikaVR will know that each group of that number of files is a new segment, not extra cameras for the same shots. 

2) After the import, reassemble a shot by clicking on its first segment, then right-clicking on its last segment and use the "merge from selected" option. That will combine the segments into one only clip.

Still-image panorama:  When importing an apparent numbered image sequence, the user can choose either if the images are a time sequence or if each image is a separate camera view.