File Formats tested in Mistika applications – (updated: 13th Aug 2022, Mistika 10.2 )

Important Note: 
Some formats mentioned on this document are proprietary and may require third party licenses and / or additional codec installation. Their usage permissions may be restricted by the codec authors. This document is just a compilation of file formats and codecs that have been installed in a Mistika system for testing purposes and worked well. Future versions of those formats may or may not work well, this document is not a warranty of support. Please note that many of the formats are supported trough third party libraries and problems with them are not fixable by Mistika developers.

Note: Formats marked as "Realtime" have been specifically optimised and tested on high performance systems to obtain realtime benchmarks.  Other formats may  sustain realtime or not, but they have not been tested for this purpose.  All the realtime  benchmarks mentioned in this document  are made with the latest "Mistika Ultima" reference hardware, doing the playback to the SDI Live Video output, and having the media files in the official Mistika Storage units certified for the mentioned formats.  

In this document, any codec labeled as "Realtime" without any resolution and frame rate specified means that the associated  codec works in realtime at least up to  1920x1080 30fps. More complicated resolutions and frame rates may work in realtime or not, but if they are not mentioned explicitly they are simply untested on our benchmarks. 

Note: In general,  all Mistika applications can read the same formats. But the render support will depend on each Mistika application.  

Mistika Ultima, Mistika Boutique, and Mistika Workflows: 

Support all file formats as described in this document. 

Mistika VR: 

Read: In general it will read most of the formats below, but there is no warranty.  Many of those formats are not used by any VR camera model and they are only well tested on the other Mistika products, not in Mistika VR.  

Render: Render to a limited set of formats: mistika .js, dpx, tiff16, jpg, Avi, Apple ProRes, mpeg4, nvidia h264 / h256/HEVC mp4, and exr compressed.



High end camera raw formats,


In these formats, Mistika Ultima provides dedicated cameraParams effect for access to camera metadata and custom debayering. Other Mistika applications (VR, Review) will use the predefined extraction:

RED R3D  - RED One, RED Epic, RED Dragon. RED Weapon & Hellium  (With TC and Audio.  HDR support. RMD support, HFR support ).

Realtime  up to 8K 2:1.  Support official RED SDK decoding using: CPU only, GPU & CPU, and GPU only ("cudanew"). 

Sony F65 / F55 / FS700, etc.  Up to 8K.  (with TC). both raw and compressed XAVC formats.

Realtime 4K 25p 1:1 and 4K 60p 4K 2:1 .  (Note: XAVC requires an optional license)

Sony XOCN ST and XOCN LT camera raw format

Arri raw (.ari, .arx)  - ARRI D20, D21, Alexa. Alexa mini, etc. (With TC).

Including official SDK for .ari and .arx.  Support both for flat and anamorphic lenses. 

Realtime 4K

Phantom .cine  - Phantom (With TC). Including Phantom Flex.

Realtime 2K

Canon Raw. (With TC).


Canon EOS 5D & 7D,  C300, C700, etc.  Most Canon formats are working with Mistika applications, but a detailed list is pending to include here.

Note: ACES odt .ctl. files are supported for Mistika Ultima. (Just copy the .odt /.ctl  in MISTIKA-ENV/shared/ACES_V1.0 folder)

MXF - DNxHD (all 8b and 10b DNxHD formats, both interlaced and progressive, with TC and Audio supported). 

Realtime HD (DNxHD does not exist for higer resolutions than 1920x1080).

Requires optional license 


MXF uncompressed, MXF DV (DV25, DV50 DV100  / DVCPROHD).


Requires optional license 

MOV ProRes  - ProRes 422, ProRes 444, ProRes 4444. ProRes HQ. ProRes proxie. ProRes LT (All with TC and Audio, and).

Realtime up to 8K.

MOV (others)  - Quicktime (MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG, uncompressed YUV / RGB)


mp4  H264, H265-HEVC, and most  ffmpeg-based codecs.. With TC and audio.

Realtime 4K 24p.

Samsung 8K mp4 (first introduced on S20 smartphones) is supported since Mistika v10 and later

AVI  - Uncompressed YUV / RGB, MPEG4, others.


Weisscam Raw. Realtime (just apply Debayer effect).

GoPro camera.

XRM ( made of EXR files packed in a single movie file, rather than using enumerated files).


ffmpeg formats: Ten’s of additional codecs (including several Sony XDCAM formats ) can be read trough third party (ffmpeg) libraries.

Most of them work in realtime.



Blackmagic RAW. (Read support since Mistika 10 version, including ).

Mistika JS (see dedicated section below)

Realtime up to 8K 60p

Sense .sth / 7tth

Other optional codecs: 

These are optional codecs application dependent. They may require additional licenses that may or may not be included on each particular configuration. 

SI2K  -  With TC and Audio.

AVC  - Panasonic AVC-I




Panasonic 8K (configuration dependent, ask SGO support)

Enumerated Images

EXR (16bit). Both RGB & RGBA. Compressed (DWA, zip, zip16, piz)  and EXR uncompressed.

Realtime 4K

EXR (16bit)  Multilayer / Multichannel support 

EXR 32 bit

SXR (EXR 16bit Stereo),

Realtime 4K 24p


Realtime 4K 60p


DPX RGB (8bit, 10bit, 12bit, 16bit).

Realtime 4K 60p


J2K (JPEG2000)

Realtime 2K 24p









TIFF16 (16bit per channel uncompressed)

Realtime 4K 24p







Softimage PIC


Many others (including the formats mentioned in the output list and others) .

Note: TC available for conform trough file numbering. Also when rendering  DPX or EXR  headers,  which can also preserve original  TC on render


The full list for Mistika Boutique and Mistika Ultima. Other Mistika applications may only support a limited subset

Output Movies (render panel)

AVI  - RGB, RGBA, UYVY, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Custom. With Audio

.mov generic - RGB, UYVY, MPEG4, Custom (user installed codecs). 

.mov ProRes  (up to 4444).  With TC and Audio. All common ProRes variants can be selected.

XAVC, up to 4K UHD.  Requires optional license.

MXF DNxHD  - Low 36, 45 (Interlaced & Progressive). With TC and Audio*

MXF DNxHD  - Medium 120, 145 (Progressive). With TC and Audio*

MXF DNxHD  - High 185, 220 (Progressive). With TC and Audio*

(DNxHD requires an optional license )

NVidia H264 and HEVC/H265 mp4. Both lossless and standard (user defined compression).  Requires modern NVidia board for rendering (not obligatory for playback ). Up to HEVC UHD 8K 10bit supported depending on GPU model.

Mistika JS (see dedicated section below)

User installed “Custom” codecs:


Users with advanced ffmpeg knowledge can also install their own ffmpeg codecs or modify some settings. The configuration file is this:


Mistika Ultima: SGO Apps/Mistika Ultima/config/avformat.cfg

Mistika Boutique: SGO Apps/Mistika Boutique/config/avformat.cfg

Some of the  codecs are not covered by GPL licenses so they are not included with the Mistika distribution, although users can add them under other kind of license agreements.

Output enumerated Images (render panel)

DPX  - YUV 420 (UHD), RGB 8b, RGB 10b, RGBA 8b, RGB 16b, RGBA 16b

EXR  - RGB Half,  RGBA Half float 16bit. Also A only. Supports raw (uncompressed), DWA, ZIP, PIZ. . DWA permits user definable quality in the Mistika render settings panel. (Note: The term “Half” indicates support for negative values)


JPEG2000  (J2K) - RGB 12b, RGB 12b @24, RGB 12b @48

JPEG4000  - RGB 12b @24

TIFF  - RGB 8b, RGB 16b, RGBA 8b, RGBA 16b

TGA raw  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

TGA rle  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

SGI  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

JFIF / JPG  - RGB 8b

BMP (win)  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

PNG  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

Alias PIX  - RGB 8b

GIF  - RGB 8b

Softimage  - RGB 8b, RGBA 8b

RAW  - YUV422 8b

Sense .sth / 7th

 STEREO3D RENDER FORMATS (both eyes in the same file)

- Side by side

- Top & bottom

- Interlaced

- Left eye only / Right eye only

- Full Dual Stereo (both eyes at full resolution on the same file, kept together for realtime performance)

Read and write:

The following formats can be rendered with both eyes in the same file, by activating Render->Stero3Dmode->FullDualStereo.  They are optimal for playback speed, as both eyes of each frame are stored in consecutive disk blocks:

- Mistika .js uncompressed  (all YUV and RGB formats )

- EXR ( equivalent to SXR )

Any other format can be used for stereo, but it requires to render two separate files .

Read Only:

Cineform stereo (from SI2K camera, read only, optional codec)

Mistika js format (Read & Write):


Mistika JS is an uncompressed format specially optimized for realtime speed.  Supports realtime up to 8K YUV422  60p. The .js files support all these formats:

YUV420 8 bit

YUV422 8 bit

YUV422 10 bit

YUV 444 10 bit

YUV 4444 16 bit

RGB 8 bit

RGB 10 bit

RGBA 10 bit

RGB 16 bit  HDR

RGBA 16bit HDR.

Also support Stereo3D for all .js formats, with both eyes interleaved on the same file for maximum performance. Both eyes can be obtained in a single render action for this format.

Audio formats

Read: Wav, Aiff, w64, mp3

Render: Wav, w64

Audio in movies ( .mov...) ,  read and write support depending on format  (see movie codecs section )  

Support both for 16bit and 24bit audio, both for import and for rendering.

Additional file formats (non AV formats)

LUT files and CDL

Most 1D-LUT  formats are supported.

To import 3D-LUTS, we recommend .itx, although other formats are supported.

GLSL scripts are supported. (NVidia language)

CDL output (.ccc files)

CDL input (.ccc files)

Lens calibration files 

PTgui v10 and v11


Insta 360 pro




True type .ttf files installed on the system.  

Note: In the case of Mistika Ultima on linux, copy them in /usr/shared/fonts/mistika, then open Title and press "reload fonts"


Most subtitle common formats.


DCP Creation (optional module)

As per the DCI specificaton. 2K, 2K Stereo3D, and 4K. Both encrypted and unencrypted.  RGB to XYZ conversion made inside Mistika. Subtitles are supported. HFR supported. Multi-reel is supported.

Support all the DCI official bitrates. Also, a definable scale factor can be applied


Support for including Dolby Atmos files

DCP playback:  Playback support for the MXF files of DCP packages.

DCDM: TIFF16 render and realtime playback at 4K 24p


All standard EDL types, including filenames embedded in* FROM fields

XML.  Including animated framing and animated timewarps. 

AAF files from Avid, with references to external files.  Including support for basic stereo metadata. Also most of the Avid effects are supported, including parameter animation.

Support for HFR conversions. (conform EDLs made at 24fps against original media shooted at 48fps, 25fps to 50fps, and 30fos to 60fps)

Plugins (Mistika Ultima & Boutique)

Support OFX standard. Including privated interfaces. Primatte, Shaphyre, Neat Video,  Digital Vision DVOs...

Note: OFX plugins are products from third parties.  Sales, downloads, and support have to be provided by those parties except the plugins available in the SGO shop.  SGO can not warranty the correct functioning of each plugin.

Color Calibration (LUTS creation, HDR metadata...)

- Support for LightSpace color calibration system.

- Support for Dolby Vision 4 (also earlier versions), read and write Dolby Vision Xml files, and render to Dolby Mezzanine format.