The "normal" uninstall procedure works as any other Windows applications, by using the "Add or Remove programs" tool that comes with Windows:

In the App List, just type Mistika to find all the Mistika applications installed.

Using that tool, uninstall all the Mistika applications one by one.

However, that will still keep some configuration files that were installed by Mistika and considered that can be useful for posterior reinstallations, and also 3rd party software that may be in use by other applications. If you want a full uninstall process for a clean reinstallation you may also need to additional steps:

- When installing Mistika Workflows, if Python was not installed it will also be installed. Python is a programming langauge used by many other applications from other manufacturers, and it is typically installed by the first application using it.  So only uninstall it if you are sure that no other software is using it, or if it is malfunctioning and you want to reinstall it.

To uninstall it,  just type Python in the App List like inthe previous point and uninstall it (if you think it is really neccesary).

If you decide to uninstall it, also remove this environment variable to revert to a clean state for future reinstallations:


(in the search tool, just type "environment variables", open the Edit environment variables tool, and delete that variable)


- Mistika keeps configuration files containing the history of last installed versions, user preferences, and your previous installation answers (such as your preferred installation paths ) which may not be removed during normal uninstall processes. If you want to delete all those files then delete the following folders (but not before uninstalling all Mistika applications, otherwise they will not work anymore):

Their default paths are listed here (if you changed them they can be different):


C:\Program Files\SGO Apps   (reboot the system before deleting it, as the license server could still be running...)


C:\Users\Your_User_Name\SGO AppData

- The work that you made with Mistika (rendered media and project files) is never deleted by uninstall processes, so it will still be under this folder by default (probably you don't want to delete this!):



You can find more information about Mistika folder structures here: