Due to some security measures recently adopted, Apple has introduced a new feature in macOS Ventura that prevents applications from launching other processes through its Terminal. However, some SGO’s products such as Mistika VR Connect and Mistika Workflows need this feature for its full functionality.

    In order to overcome this limitation these steps can be followed:

  • Launch the Mistika Workflows App inside Sgo Apps folder, then a message with an error will be displayed:

  • Click on the “i” icon, then double click on the workflows icon that will appear under the whole path:

  • A Finder window will appear containing the workflows executable file. Just open it with Terminal. You can open the file info properties panel and set it by default for all files of this kind:

Another option for all applications that will persist across shutdown and reboots is to disable SIP in macOS Ventura, then execute Mistika VR or Mistika Workflows apps normally. In order to do that you can follow the official apple guidesteps here: