Mistika VR Connect 

Streaming setup Instructions 

**Important** Meta Quest 2 headset and Mistika VR must use the same network to be able to set up the connection.

In addition to this doc, introductory video tutorials are available here:

Introduction to Mistika VR Connect 

How to setup the connection between Mistika VR and Mistika VR Connect



  1. Open Mistika VR host application and start a new or open existing project. Before setting up the connection with the Meta Quest 2 headset, it is strongly recommended to pre-load the preset of your camera or roughly stitch the content as Mistika VR Connect displays the media in a 360 environment.

  2. In Mistika VR desktop application, head over to the Tools menu. Open remote sessions and select quick session option. 

  1. A new window called Remote Connection Manager will open, allowing you to define the default Port, User Name and Password. Please note that it is not necessary to use your SGO Account details. You can set up the username and password of your choice. Below you will see the list of detected IP’s in your system. Add your IP in the Session Server field, and when you have all the parameters filled in, start the session by clicking Connect button. 

  1. You will notice that a system console has been opened, showing the server information. Please leave it open to ensure the streaming.

  2. Once the remote connection set-up is started correctly in Mistika VR, open the application in the Meta Quest 2 headset. You can get it in the Meta Quest Store.

  3. Follow the welcome instructions and when the Remote Connection Manager window opens, use the same information for the Server IP, Port and Password as previously used in the desktop host Mistika VR. The only parameter that can vary is the username. Once done, connect to the server. 

  1. The application will connect to the desktop host Mistika VR and we will see our sequence loaded in a 360 mapping, so we can start working on our project.

  1. In File Options you’ll find a Streaming section where you can change the video codec. If you have an Nvidia GPU, the streaming quality will be up to 4K, depending on the resolution of your project. Please note that if your project’s resolution is higher, the streaming will be scaled down to 4K.

    If you are using a different graphic card Mistika VR will use a generic codec that covers up to 2K resolution.

The communication with the headset is based in Mistika rtsp streaming. Additonal technical details and diagnostic procedures are discussed in the Mistika RTSP streaming diagnostic guide document.

If you face any troubles setting up the connection, please open a ticket on SGO Support Portal