This procedure covers the update of Teamviewer to version 15 in the SGO Installation Tool based in Centos 7.4.


In previous versions (based in Centos 7.2 and Centos 7.0) the upgrade of the Teamviewer version will mean upgrading several qt and kde libraries. As Centos online repositories from previous versions are no longer available this will mean upgrading the system completely to version 8.0, thus breaking several key drivers and software services (graphics, storage, etc...) . In addition, even if you were able to fix all the things broken with that upgrade, Centos 8.0 is not supported and Mistika will not start.

First we need to confirm our OS version (see warning above). To do so run this command (as root):

uname -a

Centos version 7.4  has kernel version 3.10.0-693.2.1.el7.x86_64

Then we confirm Teamviewer version with this command (as root):

yum list installed | grep teamviewer

In that Centos version you should tipically find version 13.

So now we are downloading version 15 64 rpm from teamviewer page:


This will download the latest teamviewer version. Current one is teamviewer_15.3.2682.x86_64.rpm

Now to install i, as root go to the wolder where you downloaded the rpm file.

rpm -Uvh teamviewer_15.3.2682.x86_64.rpm

If you are doing this in the right version of the SGO Installer Tool (as recommended) you should not have any dependency issue.