This procedure addresses both the dual boot and the 4k screen issues in Hp ZBook G4 laptops.

It has been tested with this particular model (although it is expected to work with all ZBook G4 laptops):  HP IDS E3-1535M 17 G4

1.- Prerequisites:

    -A zbook G4 with nvidia graphics card pre-installed windows10 in EFI mode (the default mode as it comes from Hp).

    - SGO Centos installer iso supporting EFI (CentOS 7.4 or newer).

    - The optional step 3 is for laptops with 4k screen.

2.- Dual boot installation:

    - Finish the windows installation.

    - In BIOS disable the secure boot, disable BIOS legacy mode and disable fast boot. Otherwise next steps will fail at some point.

    - In the Windows Disk Manager, reduce the biggest (ntfs system) partition to make space for CentOS.

    - Boot with the SGO Centos installer in EFI mode.

    - Select, time, keyb layout and go in the Destination options.

    - Set the drop down menu to Standard partitions and click on "Automatically create"

    - Note that the first disk partition that correspond to the boot partition in windows is mounted in linux as /boot/EFI. 

    - Make sure to never delete or format that partition, even when removing one OS in the future. The efi partition is shared both for Windows and Linux and any other OS installed later.

    - Finish the installation.

3.- (optional):  Working at 4K can be good when connecting to a big display,  but in the laptop screen it may produce too small GUI for Mistika and other applications, so you will probably want to reduce the screen resolution as follows:

A) Configure CentOS screen

    - In nvidia-settings you will want to set the resolution to 1920x1080, as a bigger resolution is too high for the Mistika interface.

    - To avoid flickering, in NVidia settings activate "Force Composition Pipeline" and "Force Full Composition Pipeline"

    - Edit the .kde/share/config/kdedrc file from your current user and add the following:




B) Configure Windows screen

    - In screen settings change the resolution to 1920x1080 and disable the 3D options.

    - Reboot.