The licensing application is the SGOActivationTool, and it provides two ways to do the activation:

-  ON LINE : (with internet connection).  This method is automatic (you just need to put the activation code in the SGOActivationTool), but it requires internet connection.

-  OFF LINE:  this second method does not require Internet connection in the computer that will be using Mistika software. It works as follows:

- Get the "LMData" identifier from the computer where you want to use Mistika (no internet connection required)

- Bring that LMData code to a computer with Internet connection, and use the SGOActivationTool to get a license file for it
- Bring the license file to the original computer and install it with the SGOActivationTool

Here it is the complete procedure for the Off Line method:

1 - Using any computer with Internet connection, purchase and activation code at, and download the Mistika software

2 - The computer to be activated (the one where you plan to use Mistika software) does not need internet connection. Just install the software you got in the previous step and execute the SGOActivationTool.  It will show a warning about the lack of internet connection and license server, just ignore it.  Copy the LMData line that will appear in the system ID field.

3 - Go to a computer with Internet connection and open the SGOActivationTool (this computer also needs to have Mistika software installed. You are not going to use Mistika in this computer, but you need the SGOActivationTool that comes with the software)

4 - Select "Advanced" mode

5 - Put the LMData code that you have copied from (step 2)  and press "Continue"

6 - Press "Add activation code", then  input your activation code and press Validate&Activate

7 - Once the activation is completed, it will provide a license file for the original system

8 - Bring the license to the original system and open the SGOActivationTool->Offline mode. Then input the license that you got from the steps above.

NOTE: There is also another way to get licenses without Internet connection, which is to use floating licenses. In this method all the activation codes are installed in one only computer which will be the "license server", and all the client computers will get the licenses from it. The client computers will not need internet connection, only a connection to the license server. Meanwhile, the license server can activate the codes either with an internet connection or by using the offline method explained above (it requires identical steps, but using the LMData of the license server)

For more details, the floating licenses are explained in this document