In general, the first step for stitching is to find the best preset for your camera rig model, and use it as a starting point for the stitching. MistikaVR comes with a camera presets menu including all common camera rigs in the market.  But if your camera is a new model or custom made then you can try these resources:

If available, use a camera preset for same camera at different resolution:

Camera presets may  also work at lower resolution than indicated, as long as the aspect ratio is the same. (Some cameras use lower resolutions when increasing the frame rate, but the geometry is identical).  

You can create new camera presets with PTGui or Hugin:

Third party applications like PTGui or Hugin permit  to characterize a camera rig. They provide basic stitch with geometry information and lens distortion calibration. Then you can import this stich in MistikaVR to create a preset. Here it is a tutorial demonstrating the integration workflow for both products:  

 PTGui:       Hugin:

And a more advanced tutorial here:

There is also a good description is this Mistika VR Quick Guide

MisitikaVR rig presets forum:

New rig presets are included with each new Mistika VR version. Between versions, you may find  anticipated access to new rigs in the Mistika VR Rig Presets.  

Asking SGO and expert users to create a camera preset for you:

You can also ask others to create the preset for you. Please post in the Mistika VR Rig Presets forum for this. You wlll need to provide sample images recorded in a place with nothing too close to the camera (a clear in a park, a parking lot, a town square... )