Procedure to start Teamviewer automatically at boot time


This procedure it could be very useful for remote diagnostics, or in case it is necessary to reboot the remote system.


  • Confirm teamviewer is installed and working. In a standard SGO installation it should work fine.

  • Change the random password for an easier password to remember, but DO NOT USE  “mistika” or other easy passwords. Please note that after the next steps  the system will be available to connect from anywhere on  Internet!

    • Open Teamviewer window.

    • Select the space between the label Password and the password inself

    • Press left button of the mouse and choose “Set personal password”

    • Section “Personal Password for Unattended Access”

      • Type new password and confirm.

      • Press OK.

  • Setup teamviewer as a AutoStart Application.

    • Open a shell.

    • As mistika user type this line and after that press Enter.

ln -s /usr/bin/teamviewer /home/mistika/.kde/Autostart/teamviewer

  • Test the process doing a logout of the mistika user and login again. 

    • Start Icon. Application Launcher Menu

    • Leave

    • Session LogOut

    • Confirm Logout

  • Teamviewer should start after mistika login and be ready to connect with the password defined.