Mistika VR Manual

Latest reference manual

Mistika VR Tutorials (Vimeo channel)  

This channel is the primary resource for learning Mistika VR. For new users we recommend to watch the videos in the inverse order as they appear in vimeo (oldest first)

Finding a camera preset for your camera rig model, or creating it.

In general, the first step for stitching is to find the best preset for your camera rig model, and use it as a starting point for the stitching. These are the common ways to find it or to create a new one.

Mistika knowledge base

The Mistika Knowledge base where this document belong. In certain sense it is like a live manual that is constantly updated. Use the Search tool with your keywords to find all the related articles

Mistika VR forums

In the Mistika VR  forums you can ask questions and get help from other users, with also SGO experts participating on it.

Mistika VR Users group on facebook

Note: The Mistika VR Users goup on Facebook is pretty active, we recommend to follow it to get notifications about new webinars, new versions, user discussions... 

Mistika VR Shortcut Cheatsheets

A quick cheatsheet of the Mistika VR shortcuts upgraded to the version 8.10.1. Two versions included: one with white background for printing and the other with A black backgrounds for better screen visualizing.

Support tickets

All users can open support tickets. SGO experts will provide personalized solutions, also helping with your own project depending on the support contract.