Licensing instructions

After purchasing a subscription you will receive an activation code by email. This activation code needs to be assigned to a particular system in order to get the license for it.  This can be done either when starting the Mistika appliction, in your web account, or with the SGOActivationTool,  which is a separate application also installed with the Mistika software.

Those tools also permit to deactivate and reactivate the codes for reallocating the license to other computer.

These are the normal points to take into account:


- In addition to the emails, you can also find your activation codes in your account:

Note: If you can not login to you account, please check that you answered the account confirmation link. This email is sent when creating the account, but it could pass inadvertently, or in rare cases it could be redirected to the spam folder.

- Make sure that you are running the latest version.  You can get the software at . Old versions could fail with current licensing procedures.

- Check that internet connection is working. For using the activation code you need an internet connection.  (once you get the license no internet connection is needed until next renewal). If you do not have internet connection but you have a license file please check the next point.

- Activation codes and license keys:   An "activation code" is not the same as a "license key".  An "activation code" is what you get first, and it is generic:  It permits to obtain a "license key" for an specific computer (but only one at a time). 

 Once that the activation code has been assigned to a computer then you will receive a "license key" for that specific computer, which will be installed automatically in a license file. The license key is not generic and it will only work on that computer. 

Meanwhile, the activation code can not be used to get more license keys until it is unassigned from the previous computer (which will invalidate the license key that it had). 

Once the activation code has been assigned to one computer  the successive license keys corresponding to the subscription period will be obtained automatically, as long as an internet connection is available.  But if you don't have an internet connection you can also do the process manually by using the SGOActivationTool->Offline Mode.

- If the activation code has been already used, it needs to be deactivated before using it in other system. (See the article about license reallocations

- If you are using an evaluation license and then you buy a normal subscription (or if you upgrade to the professional version), it is recommended to first deactivate the previous activation code an then activate the new one. Otherwise there will be two licenses with different capabilities that are active, and the sofware could start with the limited one.

- The above operations (activation codes and license management) can be done with the SGOActivationTool or directly in your SGO web account  ( ). In general we recommend to use the SGOActivationTool as it will install the licenses automatically and it will provide more information in case of errors. But you can also use your web account to manage those codes, for example when you need to manage the codes for other users in your company and you do not have the SGOActivationTool in your device.

Troubleshooting license problems

- An antivirus or a windows Firewall could be blocking the connection between the license server and SGO on line activation services. You many need to deactivate those applications for a while. This is a typical issue on some windows systems, please follow this procedure to fix it: 

  Open the SGOActivationTool and check the color of the two LED lights in the top left corner. They should be green.

* If the license server light is red,  use the Task Manager of your Operating System to check if the sgoLicenseServer.exe process is running

If it is running,  deactivate your firewall for a minute, and check if that fixes the problem

If it is not running, try to start it manually. The license server is named sgoLicenseServer.exe (Windows) or sgoLicenseServer.bin (Mac and Linux), and it is located under the installation folder, in the SGO Apps\ProductName\bin subdirectory. Then check if it fixes the problem.

* If the sgoLicenseServer is not even in that directory then it means that an antivirus software  has blocked the installation. Please deactivate the antivirus and reinstall the software, then reactivate the antivirus when the license is working

- The activation code was purchased with a different email account, and now you get an error that the activation code belongs to other user . When a user purchase an activation code it is registered to its email address,  and no other users can make modifications to it. Please make sure you use the same email address when you are activating the license or making any change to its state. For security reasons, using a different email account is not permitted.  

- If you can not login to your SGO account then it probably means that you didn't confirm the account activation link, which is sent by email when creating the account. If you do not find this email in your inbox  then check if it went into the spam folder just in case.

- The license file could be corrupted or uncompleted.   It can happen in rare cases, if it was installed manually or if the licensing process crashed in someway.  You can refresh the license file by deleting it and doing a reboot (in this way, the license server will connect automatically and it will get a new license file online).  The license file is named sgoLicenseV5.dat, and it is in the directory %PROGRAMDATA%/sgo in the case of Windows,  or in the /var/flexlm folder  in the case of Mac and Linux.  Delete it and reboot the system

- If none of the above solved the problem then we recommend to deactivate the activation code (either with the SGOActivation tool or in your online account) , also remove the license file (sgoLicenseV5.dat), and then activate the code again. Finally reboot the system.

Note: The license server can not run in a virtual machine or  virtual mac address:  Mistika products need a physical network interface in the computer for the license to work properly, virtual network interfaces  are not supported.  Temporal network interfaces created with USB connected smartphones will also fail.

However, all the licenses are "floating licenses", which means that you can install the software in a physical machine and then use it as a license server for a virtual machine or other computers.  For doing this, nothing special needs to be configured in the server system (just install the license as if it was for it). Regarding the the client computer (or virtual machine), all SGO products permit to tell the ip of  the license server in the SGOActivationTool  settings wheel , and also in the license dialogue that will appear when opening the application. Alternatively, you can also do it by creating this environment variable in the operating system of the client computer:  

Environment variable: SGO_ELMHOST  

Value: The ip address of the license server computer.