To move your license to other system  you need to deactivate your activation code from the active system, then reactivate it on the destination system. 

If you have access to the active system, the best way to deactivate your code is using the SGOActivationToolThis tool permits to deactivate and reactivate activation codes.

If you do not have access to the system anymore (broken system, etc) then you can deactivate your code in your SGO web account -> Actvation codes.  

Once deactivated it is recommended to reboot the old server (otherwise the license may be still active on it, preventing the whole process to complete. Alternatively, just stop the sgolicenseServer server on it)

Once this is done, activate the activation codes it the new computer  

Alternatively, please  note that you do not need to reallocate licenses if the systems are connected in a network: All licenses are "floating", which means that  if a licensed system is available in your network then you can simply select it in the SGOActivationTool->license server field in any other computer, or in the license dialog appearing when opening the application. (nothing needs to be done in the server side, just  tell the ip of the license server to the client computer, using the license server settings wheel icon). Later, the license will be returned to the server as soon as the client closes the application. For example, you can also assign several activation codes to a same license server and then get them from any clients at any time, if you prefer to work in this manner. 

instructions about how to configure a remote license server can be found here:

During all this process, please note that "activation codes" and "license keys" are different things. The "activation code" is what you purchase and it is generic (it permits to get a "license key" for any computer, but only one at a time ) .  Later, when the activation code is unassigned from that computer then the existing license key will not work anymore, and you can use the activation code to generate a license key for the next computer.   

The activation codes  are sent by email at purchase time, but you can also find them in your web account:

Normally you only use the activation codes and the license keys are managed automatically.  But if you want to check the licenses manually the SGOActivationTool->Offline permits to work with license keys manually. .