Procedure to install Asian Languages in CentOS




  • Open a shell or Konsole as mistika user.

  • Type im-chooser.

  • This open the Input Method Selector Window.




  • Select “Use iBus (recommended)”

  • Press “Close”


  • Reboot the system.


After reboot the system, appear a new icon in Taskbar right Area 



  • Put the cursor on the icon. Press right button of the mouse.

  • Select “Preferences”.

  • This open the iBus Preferences window. 



  • Enable "Show Icon on system tray"

  • Select "Input Method" TAB



Next step is add the new languages to the Input Method.


  • Press "Select an input method"

  • Select "Show all input methods". This show all languages availables

  • Some Choices of Asian and Other Languages

    • Korean.

      • Hangul

      • Korean (101/104 Key Compatible)

    • Japanese.

      • Japanese

      • Kana Kanji

    • Chinese.

      • Intelligent Pinyin

      • Intelligent Bopomofo

      • Chewing

    • Thai.

      • Kesmanee

      • Pattachote

      • Tis820

    • Hebrew

    • Arabic

    • etc….


The system is setup as default in English and this is an example to add different languages..


  • Select Korean - Hangul

  • Press “+Add”

  • Select Hebrew - Hebrew

  • Press “+Add”

  • Select Chinese - Intelligent Pinyin

  • Press “+Add”

  • Select Japanese - Kana Kanji

  • Press “+Add”

  • Close.



By default you can change the language changing the right one in the Input Method icon on the Taskbar or using the shortcut <SHIFT> + <BAR SPACE>. 


It is necessary to install fontS that support a specific language.