Following procedure to connect Mistika Workflowsto Youtube:

1. Go to    

Select your organization, and press the “+ Create Project” button. 

2. Name your project and (i.e. Mistika Workflows) and click “Create”

3.-Go to your APIs & Services page: and press “+ Enable APIs and Services”.

4. Select YouTube Data API V3 and enable it. 

5. Go again to the dashboard: and 

Select “OAuth Consent Screen”. Select “Internal” and “Create”.

6. In the consent Screen, select the App Name “Mistika Workflows” as the Application Name and click Save at the bottom of the page.

7. Now go to Credentials. Click + Create Credentials.  A menu will appear. Select OAuth client ID.

In the next window select Other, put the Name to Mistika Workflows and press Create

Now in the credentials page, download the OAuth credential

Finally, copy the downloaded file to the …./shared/workflowsLibrary/youtube directory and call it workflows.json