Performance options in Mistika Boutique not set on first installation

The first installation may fail to configure the performance settings correctly, which are critical for Mistika performance. This problem has been fixed in Mistika 8.8.1. It can also be fixed manually by doing this:

To change some of the affected parameters  you will need full access to all settings, so first activate Mistika Config->General->Advanced Options

Then go to the Performance settings  panel.  These are the recommended values:

The next settings are recommended to be set to the number of cores, but with a maximum of 22 (greater values will not increase performance in most situations,  they will waste RAM and can cause audio sync problems).

System CPU cores

I/O Threads
Encode Threads 

Render Units ( Recommended default value : Number of system cores / 2 ) 

Now go to Codecs panel, and setup this setting:

R3D GPU frames: 

  Basic laptops with no discreet GPU: 1

  Systems with consumer GPUs (GeForce family and similar): 2

  Systems with Quadro GPUs (GeForce style GPUs): 3

The remaining settings already come with their recommended default values. 

Note: Those are just general recommendations.  Reduce performance settings if the application crashes when there is not enough RAM.


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