This patch is exclusively for version 8.8.5. Do not apply this to any other Mistika VR version. it will not work and you will end with an incompatible software mix. 

Problem:  <Add to Render queue> button not working on Mac systems with Mistika 8.8.5 version.  it is not possible to send render jobs to Smedge and other render farms.

Solution: Replace the runBatch file with the attached version, and give it execution permissions. For example:

- Download the runBatch file.

- Let's suppose you download it to Downloads folder. Then  execute these commands in a terminal window: 

cp -f  Downloads/runBatch  /Applications/  

chmod a+x /Applications/  

Note: This file is only valid for Mac. Do not install this patch in any other platform.

Additional notes for High Sierra users:

-  The Preferences->BatchManager configuration button is not working on OSX High Sierra, (it works fine on  OSX Sierra).  This is because the runBatch configuration mode is not working in High Sierra yet. (At the moment of this document  High Sierra is very recent and we are still working to provide full support for it). 

Fortunately, the runBatch configuration mode is only the interface to prepare a runBatch.cfg configuration file with the command lines for the connectivity integration, which can also be edited by hand. (/Users/Shared/SGO/MistikaVR/runBatch.cfg).  So you can edit this file manually and remove the comment (#) for the command line for the render farm that you want to use. 

For example, for the particular case of Smedge just remove the "#" symbol at the beginning of the Submit line of the Smedge section and save it. From this point the <Add to Render queue> button will start sending jobs to Smedge.