Note: This procedure is not necessary for Tangent Elements or Tangent CP200 panels , whih are configured directly in mConfig.  This procedure is only required for Tangent Ripple panels.

Step 1. Execute /opt/Tangent/bin/TangentSynapse in a console.

A window will open (see below). As you can see the Ripple device is not yet in the list. Click on 'Configure' to add the new device.



If  any of the green LEDs appear red in your case then  check the following:
- Check that the Ripple USB panel is connected.

- The Tangent driver is installed with the latest version of Mistika. (In a system without Tangent devices installed previously, you must activate 'Use Element Surfaces' in mConfig. This process will start installing the latest driver).

Step 2. Add Ripple clicking on '+' for searching on the list and then 'Apply'.


Step 3. The Tangent Synapse is ready. Restart the system or restart tangent service as root:
/etc/init.d/tangenthub stop
/etc/init.d/tangenthub start


Step 4. Run Mistika and check that Tangent Ripple is working