Mistika Insight is a learning version for Mistika Ultima, and it works on Windows and Mac platforms

The Mistika Insight program provides a free of cost / not for production version of Mistika for training centers

With this tool, students can learn and practice the Mistika core technology without the need of expensive hardware

Platforms: Mistika Insight provides most of the interface and base functionality of Mistika Ultima, and it currently works in Windows and Mac. (Meanwhile, Mistika Ultima only works on certain Linux platforms)

Hardware: Mistika Insight is designed to work in low cost hardware. A small laptop with 1920x1080 display and 8Gb RAM is enough.  It is also recommended to connect a second monitor when possible, but not mandatory. A modern GPU is highly recommended (ideally NVidia or AMD), but not necessarily high end.  It is neither necessary to have many CPU cores, as the parallel processing capabilities of the Insight version are limited anyway.  However,  in exchange Mistika Insight is optimised to run in low spec hardware as laptops and normal PCs, and it is where its performance will shine when compared with other applications. 

Evaluations:  Mistika Insight is not a production version and neither it is and evaluation version. For those purposes please use Mistika Boutique / Mistika Ultima or contact our sales channels.

Support: Mistika Insight is supported trough the official training centers and trough the Insight  forum in this website, where our product specialists also participate.

Licensing: Trough the online tools in our website. They are available once you register your personal account. The licensing procedures are described in this document

Learning tools: The main documentation and  tutorials are the same as for Mistika Ultima & Mistika Boutique. reference). In addition, Mistika Insight will have its own specialised weminars and tutorials, which are  organised and published in the forums section. 

Enjoy Mistika