That tablet model is only supported on CentOS. Old Suse systems can't use them as there are no driver for those systems that support them.

All the Intuos Pro PHT-660 tablets come from the manufacturer in installation mode (storage mode). This means that when you plug them in your Mistika system they are recognized as a hard disk that contains the manual and some instructions to install the windows drivers, preventing them from being recognized on boot time. Or even preventing the machime from booting at all.

To disable that installation mode you need to connect the tablet to a windows system, install the windows driver and update the firmware if needed (the tablet control panel included in the windows driver will let you know if it is necessary and how to do it). 

After that, power the windows machine off unplug the wacom tablet and plug it back in your Mistika system. It should work as expected now.

If for any reason the installation mode gets activated again, please follow the same procedure again.