This article only applies to Windows and Mac, not to Linux.

Occasionally, systems may have "OFX" plugins installed (either for Mistika or for other applications). If you run a Mistika product and you get a crash notification (or if an OFX plugin does not work as expected ), please check the following:

In Window systems: Go to Program Files/common files. 

In Mac OSX systems: Go to Library/OFX.

In case of Mistika crashes at startup, to confirm if OFX is the reason you can do this: If you have any plugin within the above path, rename the main folder so Mistika cannot find it. Then run Mistika again. If it is successful then that was the cause, and you will need to follow the next steps to ensure the plugins are installed as they should be.


To correctly install the OFX plugin: 

Open the attached OFXconfig.xml file with a text editor. And add the name of the plugin in the below list, as follows:


 <!-- My unlisted plugin  -->






Replace the OFXconfig.xml file in MISTIKA-ENV/config for Mistika products

Mistika should now run successfully.