- Many tutorials were made for Mistika Ultima, but they also apply to Mistika Boutique.

- Some of the tutorials collections are not made and maintained by SGO but independent authors.  Please report if you find broken links, and also if you find other interesting tutorials not mentioned in here.

- Some tutorials are made with older versions and can be missing new techniques from latest versions


Tutorials made with latest version Mistika 8.8:

Introductory tutorials to Mistika Ultima & Boutique 8.8 

VR Workflows in Mistika Ultima & Boutique 

Tutorials made with previous versions:

Mistika Workflows 

Other Mistika tutorials on Vimeo 

Other Mistika tutorials on Youtube

Mistika 8.6 tutorials (new features in Mistika Ultima 8.6)

Our special thanks to all the users who have published Mistika tutorials, please let us know if you want them to appear in here.


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